Lou’s offers exhaust products in both stock and performance applications for all of your vehicle needs. We pride ourselves on carrying a complete inventory of products everyday.

Borla Mufflers

BORLA® PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIES is the pioneer and leader in the design and manufacture of stainless steel performance exhaust. We began three decades ago as a manufacturer of exhaust systems for such “concours classics” as Rolls-Royce and Ferrari cars and have evolved into the premier manufacturer of today’s performance vehicles for the street, off-road, and racing. Learn More

Bully Dog Diesel

These systems are available installed for our customers that are interested in 4″ to 6″ systems for their diesel trucks. This line offers both cat back and turbo back applications. These systems can be either clamped or welded. Learn More.


Flowmaster has been the industry favorite for years. For our customers that live by the Flowmaster sound and name, we carry a full line of Flowmaster mufflers for any application. Learn More.


Our largest muffler offering for customers seeking increased performance and gas mileage with a softer tone. Magnaflow mufflers are built with stainless steel, have a straight-through design and are popular for 4- and 6-cylinder vehicles. Learn More.

Catalytic Converters

For our customers that are interested in increased flow and performance when a converter on their vehicle has been damaged. We also offer catalytic converters for stock application. Learn More.


For those looking to get that last extra bit of flow and performance out of their vehicles we offer header installations.   We are an authorized Gibson header installer and prefer Gibson, Borla, or Kooks to any other brand.  These brands actually fit their applications.  Learn more

Super C Mufflers

Lou’s is not just about performance. We offer a full line of replacement mufflers for all vehicle makes and models. For our customers that are interested in replacing a broken or worn exhaust system with stock parts.

Stainless Steel Tips

Stainless tips are the ultimate customization for your vehicle. “Tips” are the part of the exhaust system that can be seen by everyone. They demonstrate your style and make your vehicle unique. We offer over 100 tip choices to suite your style. Learn More.

Your Own System

Unlike most repair shops, Lou’s will install exhaust systems purchased at another speed shop or from the Internet. Call us today at 508.746.3500 in Plymouth or 508-646-1500 in Westport for a basic estimate.