Why Install a Dual Exhaust?

Dual exhausts can be applied to many vehicles that don’t come dual from the factory.  Some vehicles also come with a factory dual exhaust but many times it is too quiet due to stock, restrictive, mufflers.  Dual exhausts can be run on almost every single pickup truck and many cars and SUV’s. People pick a performance style dual exhaust for 3 reasons.

1) A performance dual exhaust has a great sound to it. If you are a person who is into the sound of performance exhausts you know exactly what we mean. If you are curious head on over to your youtube page and check out some sound clips.

2) A performance dual exhaust, when driven gently, will actually increase your overall fuel mileage.

3) A performance dual exhaust, last but not least, also gives you a horsepower/torque gain from your motor.

Lou’s Custom Exhaust carries only high quality material, from a line of popular stainless performance mufflers, polished stainless tips, and thick, 14 gauge aluminized and stainless steel tubing.

Typically the job itself ideally requires about two hours to complete. All the pipe is bent in the shop, and fully welded and checked for leaks. The tips can be picked from a variety along the wall in each shop showroom, and a choice between three different brand mufflers as well.

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