We Do Quiet Mufflers Also!

We replace stock mufflers too!

Every vehicle is fitted from the factory with a muffler. The main purpose of the muffler is to keep the vehicles exhaust note to a minimum by using a series of internal baffles and chambers that are specially designed to reduce the loudness of the exhaust sound pressure.


Just because our name has custom in it does not mean we won’t make your exhaust quieter instead of louder.  In fact our ability to custom create a quiet, factory style, exhaust can save you hundreds over going to a chain with pre-bent piping or even more if you look to the dealership for a replacement.

We can even get higher quality, stainless, aftermarket mufflers for your vehicle.  They are a special order item but we can usually source them in a few days.

All of our shops offer a wide variety of replacement mufflers. It doesnt matter if you drive a hybrid, car, truck, suv, box truck, or even a tow along generator!    We have what you need so come see the exhaust experts at Lou’s Muffler and Brake in Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport!

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