Thank You Veterans

Thank You Veterans!

We just wanted to take a moment during this Veteran’s Day week to say thank you to all who have served our country and given us all the freedoms we get to enjoy!  

Lou’s Muffler and Brake not only stands by our work but our troops as well. USMC, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, National Guard all receive 10% off all work done, from simple

repairs and brake jobs to full performance systems.  This is not just for Veterans Day but 365 days a year.

We will be open a full day, this Friday, for the observed Veteran’s day from 8:30 until 5:30.  We are also open this Saturday from 8:30 to 5:30 on Veteran’s Day.

We thank all of you for your sacrifices on our behalf!

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You know us for Muffler Repairs but we also do Brakes, Suspension, Tune Ups and more!

At Lou’s Custom Exhaust of Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport we do more than just exhaust work.  We also do brake work, tune-ups, struts, and other under car repairs. We give free work estimates, including brake inspections.  If our technicians find your car needs attention we can usually fix it the same day.

Here is some information about our brake services:

Brake Fluid Flushes 

Believe it or not your brake fluid is not suppose to look like molasses! Brake fluid, like brake hardware, isn’t indestructible. Parts such as the rubber in the valves in the master cylinder, calipers and wheel cylinders deteriorate. All the little bits that flake off end up in your brake fluid. Plus the fluid itself can get old and worn out. Moisture also gets in the system, due to brake fluid’s hydroscopic nature.  This leads to poor braking performance and rust, which leads to more particles in your brake fluid. All this adds up to a brake system with compromised stopping power. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t skip changing your car’s engine oil, right? It’s the blood of your engine, and when it gets contaminated by impurities, you put the entire engine at risk. It’s the same with brake fluid. Let it get dirty and you won’t be able to stop as well. It may not seem like a big deal when you’re standing at the service desk and the mechanic asks if you want him to flush your brakes, but when you’re careening down that mountain road, you’ll understand why it’s an important part of vehicle maintenance.

If you’re a do it yourself type of person (which we know many people are now a days) to check your brake fluid is only a hood pop away! Color and consistency are the two major signs of deteriorating (read bad) fluid. There are also moisture level test strips.  Visually fluid should be a light golden yellow color, the darker it gets the dirtier and contaminated it has become. Also meaning the viscosity is wearing out AKA you’re losing the lifeline of your brakes! Typically if you start when your vehicle is new a good interval for a brake fluid flush is every 25k-35k miles. The longer you go without flushing the fluid the more corrosion build up meaning more problems can arise. In the big picture of the things spending money now could save you thousands in the future. Not only in damage to your vehicles braking system but without brakes your vehicle becomes a weapon, putting others at risk!

Brake Inspections. Pad, Rotor, Caliper, and Line Replacements 

The only thing better than a car that goes is a car that stops. Routine inspections keep your vehicle stopping safer, longer. How often you have to change your brakes depends on a lot of things driving conditions, rotor thickness, quality of brake pads, and more. A routine brake inspection makes certain that your braking system is safe. 

Lou’s Muffler and Brake is proud to offer free brake inspections at the Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport locations. Our professional technicians will visually assess your brakes to determine if any service or repairs are needed.

A few signs your brakes might need service or replacement: 
 •Brake pedal is low or spongy (goes to the floor when pressed) 
 •Brake pedal is hard to depress (won’t go down at all) 
 •Brake service warning light stays lit at all times 
 •Squealing or grinding at stop 
So if you are experiencing any of these symptoms please swing by one of our shops for a free estimate

Hyannis 508-771-2500
Plymouth 508-746-3500
Quincy 617-773-6500
Westport 508-646-1500