MIG Welding

A Mig (metal inert gas) welder is an automatic wire-fed welder setup that arcs a wire compound to fuse metals together via electricity.  The electricity heats up the wire compound and melts it. This setup allows a much faster, easier way to repair exhausts on vehicles which makes it more convenient for the customer.

At Lou’s we pride ourselves on quick service, which means having the right tools for the job. With up to three Mig Welders per shop, run by experienced welders, we can very quickly repair and replace just about anything on the exhaust.

Upon finishing up a welded system, the welds are all checked for any tiny leaks that might have been missed and sealed up completely to insure it’s 100% airtight.  We use a modified stethoscope to listen for leaks.

Sometimes, even small cracks in the exhaust can be welded and sealed, without having to replace the actual pipe and sometimes small sections that are bad can be cut out, welding into the good sections.   The welder lets us keep your repair prices down.

Come down to Lou’s Muffler and Brake of Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport today, and get your free on-lift estimate!  You never know, that repair might not be as expensive as you anticipate!

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