Lou’s Custom Exhaust Stocks and Installs S&B Cold Air Intakes

We stock and install S & B cold air intakes in our shops.   S & B filters come with a 1 million mile warranty and are designed to work with your vehicles existing ECU tuning.   https://www.sbfilters.com/demandbetter

What is a cold air intake and how does it work?

volante intake

The main purpose of a cold air intake system is to draw in more “cold air” using a better flowing filter and a shorter intake tube into the vehicles intake. The colder air has a higher density than warm air (which is used by your factory airbox) and creates an increase in performance and efficiency.

The Removal of your stock intake system will also remove any resonator or baffle boxes that slow the air down and the new performance intake will be allowed to flow freely and you will also notice it sucking in more air by a whooshing sound created from the air being drawn in. A typical installation of a cold air intake take around 60 minutes from removal of the factory intake system to completion of your new cold-air system.

Here at Lou’s Muffler and Brake of Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport we source and install air intakes from any company including S&B, Airaid, and K&N.

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