How is a Quiet Muffler Designed

Ever wonder how a quiet, stock replacement, muffler works?  Look no further, we will explain below!

Mufflers are very interesting. They can improve your car’s performance. They can cancel out sound or add sound to the rear of your vehicle. Here’s how they work!

Located inside the muffler is a set of tubes. These tubes are designed to create reflected waves that interfere with each other or cancel each other out. Take a look at the inside of this muffle:


The exhaust gases and the sound waves enter through the center tube. They bounce off the back wall of the muffler and are reflected through a hole into the main body of the muffler. They pass through a set of holes into another chamber, where they turn and go out the last pipe and leave the muffler.

A chamber called a resonator is connected to the first chamber by a hole. The resonator contains a specific volume of air and has a specific length that is calculated to produce a wave that cancels out sound.

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