How Does Our Custom Exhaust Bending Save you Money?

Repair chains and auto dealerships buy all their exhaust parts from external companies which make the parts for them. At Lous Muffler and Brake of Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport we get all of our piping in unbent, 10 foot, sticks. We then use our bending machine to custom fabricate the system that will fit onto your vehicle. By doing so we greatly reduce the cost of the parts and as a result the cost to the customer for the repair.  We can also avoid some factory weaknesses that caused your exhaust to break in the first place.

How does the bending machine work?

Our hydraulic pipe benders use an electric motor that is controlled by a double acting lever allowing us to extend and retract a hydraulic cylinder that moves one of the 3 bending shoes. We have a variety of pipe bending shoes ranging from 1.5” pipe all the way up to 3” pipe. We have a matching shoe for each size diameter of pipe in between those sizes as well.

Generally the pipe fits inside the curved crescent shape of the bending shoe. This ensures that when the pipe is being bent it will not slip from the metal shoe. Various pegs are arranged in such a way that as the cylinder extends the pipe shoe, the pipe is forced against the metal pegs as a hold stop on either side of the bending center of the pipe. In other words, as the hydraulic bending cylinder pushes the pipe that is supported by the shoe, the hold pegs stop the pipe from moving so the pipe can be bent in the center of the cured shoe form. Our pipe benders use a dial that we can set to determine the angle of the bend.  Our bending machine also uses a smooth die bending shoe instead of a “crimp” style one.

So if you’re looking for a high quality, inexpensive, smooth flowing custom or replacement system remember Lou’s Muffler and Brake of Hyannis, Quincy, Plymouth, and Westport are the place to go.

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