How Are Exhaust Tips Made?

Ever want to spruce up the look of your car with an exhaust tip? Ever wonder just how they are made to shine and how to keep them that way? Well look no further all your answers are here!

How is the metal polished?

The process of polishing the metal is called buffing. Buffing allows you to smooth a dull metal surface to a bright, shiny, mirror-like finish. The buffing process consists of wearing down the metal with progressively finer grades of grit paper, then polishing it to a high shine with a series of buffing compounds. The process can be completed by hand, but is faster and easier to use power tools, such as a buffer, drill with a mandrel and sanding and polishing disks.

How are tips chromed?

Some Tips are chromed. Chrome or chroming is basically the process of adding a layer of chromium, or chrome plating, to the tip with electricity. Chrome plating a tip includes these stages:

•Degreasing the metal to remove heavy soiling
•Manual cleaning to remove any left over dirt and surface impurities
•Pretreatments to help the electroplating process on the steel
•Placement into the chrome plating vat, where it is allowed to warm to solution temperature
•Application of electric plating current for the required time to attain the desired thickness of chrome

Keeping Your Tips Clean

Once you get those nice tips you also will want to keep them clean. Cleaning procedures vary depending on your specific exhaust tips but the following procedure will give you an idea of what it takes to clean your chrome or stainless steel exhaust tip.

•Wipe down the inside of the tips using a microfiber towel. This will remove initial carbon deposit and soot.
•Use a gentle cleaner inside and outside of the tips. This will help break down the carbon deposit and hard water spots on the tips.
•Use OOOO steel or finer (not an sos pad) to further break down carbon deposit and hard water spots.
• Dry tips by gently wiping with microfiber towel removing any water spots

With over 50 tips to choose from your car/truck should never go tipless. Sick of looking at that rusty pipe have Lou’s install a polished stainless steel tip on your ride. It wont affect the sound of your car/truck at all but give it that finished look. Even if you have factory tips on your vehicle now we can easily cut them off and install ones of your choice. All of the tips are welded on. Most of our tips are $75.00 installed.

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