Did you know we do Remote Starts, Brakes, lighting kits and lot more?

At Lou’s Custom Exhaust of Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport we do more than just exhaust work We also do brake work along with brakes, lighting kits, remote starters, and other under car repairs. We give free brake inspections and our technicians find your brakes need attention we can usually fix it the same day! Here is some information about our services:


The only thing better than a car that goes is a car that stops. Routine inspections keep your vehicle stopping safer, longer. How often you have to change your brakes depends on a lot of things driving conditions, rotor thickness, quality of brake pads, and more. A routine brake inspection makes certain that your braking system is safe.

Lou’s Custom Exhaust is proud to offer free brake inspections at the Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport locations. Our professional technicians will visually assess your brakes to determine if any service or repairs are needed.

A few signs your brakes might need service or replacement:

  • Brake pedal is low or spongy (goes to the floor when pressed)
  • Brake pedal is hard to depress (won’t go down at all)
  • Brake service warning light stays lit at all times
  • Squealing or grinding at stop

So if you are experiencing any of these symptoms please call or swing by one of our shops for a free estimate.


We are now installing LED lighting kits for vehicles made by HEISE.   We are installing them in all 4 shops locations; Plymouth, Quincy, Westport, and Hyannis.    Here are some links to what is available and some photos of a Jeep Wrangler we did in Plymouth.

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LED Technology

Product Testing


We will be installing remote car starters by Fortin starting in the Spring of 2017.  We are starting at our Plymouth location and plan to bring it to all 4 shops in Plymouth, Quincy, Westport, and Hyannis.

Fortin Electronic Systems is born from a real desire to build products and solutions that will help vehicle aftermarket electronic installers to perform easier and faster installations. Over the last decade, our dedication to innovation combined with our strong expertise in multi-level car integration drove us to deliver the most reliable and cost-effective interface and remote starter platforms on the market. Today, with the evolution of connected vehicles a new era is on the horizon and our team embraces the challenge of setting the bar in fast installations.

Here is a link to some of their kits:  Fortin Remote Starters

If you are interested in any of our services give us a call today!

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Plymouth 508-746-3500
Quincy 617-773-6500
Westport 508-646-1500