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Mig Welding Exhausts

Mig Welding


A Mig (metal inert gas) welder is an automatic wire-fed welder setup that arcs a wire compound to fuse metals together via electricity, which heats up the compound and melts it. This setup allows a much faster, easier way to repair exhausts on vehicles which makes it more convenient for the customer.

At Lou’s we pride ourselves on quick service, which means having the right tools for the job. With up to three Mig setups per shop, run by experienced welders, they can very quickly repair and replace just about anything on the exhaust.


Upon finishing up a welded system, the welds are all checked for any tiny leaks that might have been missed and sealed up completely to insure it’s 100% airtight.  We use a modified stethoscope to listen for leaks.

Sometimes, even small cracks in the exhaust can be welded and sealed, without having to replace the actual pipe and sometimes small sections that are bad can be cut out, welding into the good sections.   The welder lets us keep your repair prices down.

Come down to Lou’s Muffler and Brake of Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport today, and get your free on-lift estimate!  You never know, that repair might not be as expensive as you anticipate!

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Flowmaster Mufflers

Flowmaster Mufflers

Looking to get an aggressive muscle car sound from your car or truck? Look no further than the king of loud, Flowmaster mufflers! Flowmaster mufflers got their start in the racing scene and have been around for  over 30 years.

Flowmaster mufflers are a chambered muffler and can range from mild to wild for whichever application you may need! The most popular is the 40 series muffler which is a dual chambered muffler that provides an aggressive sound. Our shops only stock the 409 stainless steel Flowmasters as opposed to the aluminized steel Flowmasters that almost all other shops use. The technology designed by the exhaust scientists at Flowmaster is called the “power chamber” which is a chamber that creates a negative pressure that is used to increase horsepower, torque, and fuel mileage. These mufflers also use baffles to separate and recombine sound and pressure waves for an aggressive exhaust note.

Flowmaster, by many, is considered to be the original performance muffler and is often used by owners of classic cars, hot rods, firebirds and mustangs to name a few. What if you don’t have a muscle car or a hot road and you have a truck? Good news! Flowmaster also makes mufflers for applications on trucks! The very popular 40 series muffler that produces an aggressive tone and the somewhat quieter 50 series are available in a single inlet and single outlet design to be used with your factory exhaust or for most truck owners that want that dual exhaust they offer single inlet dual outlet design. Using the dual outlet version of either muffler allows us the ability to build you your dual exhaust system however you want it. But what if the 40 series isn’t loud enough for you? Well you’ve got good news again! For those who want their vehicle loud and proud and to set off car alarms the offer a single chamber 10 series!

If you like that classic muscle car sound or an aggressive exhaust note Flowmaster is for you and available for installation at Lou’s Muffler and Brake of Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport!

Hyannis 508-771-2500
Plymouth 508-746-3500
Quincy 617-773-6500
Westport 508-646-1500