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Need More Power Out of Your Turbo?

Bolt on exhaust modifications are a great way to get more horsepower out of your turbocharged vehicle. Turbo charged cars and trucks benefit from that extra exhaust flow that a turbo back exhaust system provides. Turbo back exhausts accomplish this increased flow by widening the pipe size and removing restrictive factory bends. With this type of modification you will immediately notice an HP gain. The increased flow with wider diameter pipe will also allow the turbo to spool up a lot faster. Finish it off with a custom tune and nice performance muffler and the difference will be like night and day.

We know that most people, when going full turbo back exhaust, will want to do so without the catalytic converters installed. Unfortunately this is illegal in our state of Massachussettes so we can not install parts without the emissions devices (catalytic converters) on them. This is why we provide the high flow converter option, so you can still get that power increase but remain street legal at the same time! The high flow converter will allow your turbo to generate more boost than a factory flowing converter as it will allow more exhaust to be scavanged from the engine.

To get the full benefits out of your turbo back exhaust it is reccomended you have the car custom tuned for the modification after. The increased flow will allow a tuner to drastically increase the level of boost in your turbo which will create a lot more tourque and horespower.

Here is a dyno graph (cobbtuning.com) example of what a turbo back exhaust can do for a car like a Subaru WRX. The stage 1 numbers are a tune only, the stage 2 is the turbo back.

Subaru STI

Although these mods can be done in your driveway it is always better to have a professional install the parts then get a proper tune from a local tuner to compensate for the increase in flow. The tune will make these upgraded parts work how they were designed and most important make it safe for the car. With these simple upgrades your turbocharged vehicle will appreciate the HP gain.